Eugene Onegin - Reviews From Garsington Opera 2016

Cameo Watercolour by Victoria Rees for Garsington Stole from Eugene Onegin

Cameo Watercolour by Victoria Rees for Garsington Stole from Eugene Onegin


"It rightly receives a stupendous ovation."
David MellorMail on Sunday, 12 June 2016

" almost 30 years of attending Garsington, I don't think I have heard a classic opera cast with such care and accomplishment...Natalya Romaniw is a Tatyana in a thousand."
Hugh CanningSunday Times, 12 June 2016

"Natalya Romaniw is fast consolidating her reputation as one of the outstanding sopranos of her generation...Roderick Williams is the most cultivated and sophisticated of baritones. Garsington's audiences certainly get visual as well as musical bang for their buck in an altogether exhilharating performance."
Rupert ChristiansenThe Telegraph, 4 June 2016

"This young Swansea-born soprano has a mesmerising stillness, a face full of expression and a glowing voice capable of astonishing power."
Hannah NepilFinancial Times, 8 June 2016

"Natalya Romaniw...she's the Tatyana of my dreams, with a rare combination of power, richness, and purity of tone. And Roderick Williams might have been born to play Onegin."
Michael ChurchThe Independent, 7 June 2016

"There is plenty to enjoy. One pleasure is the Garsington Opera Orchestra...And on stage there are some impressive performances."
Richard Morrison, The Times, 6 June 2016

"One of the most enjoyable new productions of Onegin in recent years and - in Romaniw's Tatyana especially - a performance that shall touch my heart for a long time."
Mark PullingerBachtrack, 4 June 2016

"Every performance by the Garsington Chorus has one marvelling anew at the versatility, adaptability and just sheer excellence of this group..."
Melanie EskenaziMusic OMH, 6 June 2016