The Skating Rink Stole

'The skating Rink' stole,  designed & produced to celebrate a new commissioned opera by Garsington Opera based on a story by the Chilean author Roberto Bolaño. 

IMG_skating rink.jpg

This image of the skating rink stole shows how I tried different colour combinations. The final design I am really pleased with & having sold out I am waiting for restock. 

It has been so exciting to see the development of this gripping new commission by Garsington Opera, written by leading British composer David Sawer with award-winning playwright Rory Mullarkey, and based on the novel by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño. 


Nuria, a beautiful young skating champion, has a powerful admirer, Enric, whose obsession drives him to pilfer funds to build her an ice rink in a deserted Spanish mansion. A murder on the ice becomes the centre of this thrilling tale of jealousy, political corruption and the lengths we go to for the ones we love.



Returning to my blog after time away

"Having had a few months away from my blog I am looking forward to doing new posts. I have missed putting up entries, though I have NO idea who reads it ! hoping there is someone out there. Any case this is from me to you"
I have continued with my quick portrait paintings, Dave my farmer neighbour still comes to sit every Tuesday afternoon and I look forward to that very much. We chat about the weather , politics and our other neighbours and family, oh and his weekly basket ball game, most importantly the score. 
  • I have a few new projects which I will post about over the coming weeks. 
  • Wednesday is going to be my new blog day.
The Night shift, 45 mins studio self portrait

The Night shift, 45 mins studio self portrait

Ruth Borchard self portrait exhibtion, Piano Nobile, Kings Place , London N19AG

Self Portrait, Ruth Borchard , Piano Nobile, Kings Place

Always love going to this exhibition & not just because I am in it. There are 120 self portraits hung from different artists. On until the 22nd of September.

Included in the New Exhibition At The Silk Museum, Bsous, Lebanon

I was thrilled to receive an email/pic from Alexandra Asseily last week telling me about the new exhibition in her “Silk Museum” Lebanon, “Souvenirs from the silk road’ . 

Included in the exhibition are my ‘Filigree Tree” &“Vixen” stoles, created for Janacek’s opera ‘Cunning little vixen’ during Garsington Opera’s 2014 season which Alexandra bought from me a couple of years ago. A start of a friendship, and admiration on my behalf of the work she has and is doing in the field of reconciliation and forgiveness following conflict. 

I have put a link through to the museum’s web site below, a truly inspiring story of how the Asseily’s bought the derelict silk factory in 1973 planting hundreds of tree’s and restoring the factory & creating what is know a fabulous museum.

Despite the obvious difficulties, the museum was occupied by the Syrain army in 1982, they have continued to put on exhibitions and hold workshops.

Filigree Tree stole by Victoria Rees, exhibited at the Silk Museum, Lebanon in "Souvenirs from the silk road' exhibition.

Filigree Tree stole by Victoria Rees, exhibited at the Silk Museum, Lebanon in "Souvenirs from the silk road' exhibition.


My ink drawings from 'Marriage of Figaro' used for the figure stripes running through the "Filigree Tree" stole 

The Silk Museum, Lebanon.

"Souvenirs from the silk road' exhibition in the Silk Museum , Lebanon


"Vixen" stole created for a production of Janacek's Opera "Cunning little Vixen"

One of my sketches from Janacek's opera used for the "vixen"stole

One of my sketches from Janacek's opera used for the "vixen"stole


The Silk Museum, Bsous, Lebanon

George and Alexandra Asseily's Garden of forgiveness , Beirut, Lebanon