Peter Lloyd-Jones 'The Dance'


Peter's wonderful large Ink drawing series is on show at RWA annual Open until 29th Nov and on tour with The Sunday Times Water colour exhibition till 2nd Jan 2016. He has created a textile for our Artists wall Hanging series from the drawings. On show in our stall D60 at the Spirit of Christmas fair, Nov 2nd to Nov the 8th. Would be great if you have time to come and see. 

Artists Textile Hangings

'The decorative is both in the heavily patterned nature of my paintings, woven into my work perhaps by the presence of local textiles and the celebration of the seasonal changes around Gloucestershire valleys where I live and work'

Nettle Grellier is one of the invited fine artists to be part of our 'Artists textile wall hangings series' which is being launched at The Spirit of Christmas fair 2nd-9th november. Come and see our stall at D60. If you would like a discount entrance ticket email me

at More images to follow soon


Boon Rig 2015 The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, 2015 style. The Boon Rig

George Lloyd-Jones (son, another artist in the family !!) is converting this 30ft lorry into a studio and gallery and setting off with his girlfriend , Nettle Grellier through Europe to paint. You can read his blog at the first posting was last week and shows the beginnings of the conversation. I will keep you posted

Mary Wing To's wonderful work

I took my Mum to see the exhibition I have work in yesterday, "Off the wall"  at "acp, canvas for creativity" and was again bowled over by the work of Mary Wing To, the craftsmanship is exquisite. A master saddler, who also works for Channel. Do have a look at her web site. 

Mary Wing To "Leather Horse"

Mary Wing To "Leather Horse"

"Venice Stole" back in stock. Pic's of initial sketch book drawings

Really thrilled my Venice stole has been such a success with you. I thought you might like to see some of the initial sketches. I created the Stole for Garsington Opera to celebrate their production of Death in Venice, director Steuart Bedford, designer Kevin Knight, it was a great success, see below review. Going to the design presentation and using for the first time film,  Visconti's film "Death in Venice" for inspiration. Lot's of samples and sketches were made and I came up with this and it's sold out twice !!

Starring Paul Nilon and wonderfully conducted by Steuart Bedford, Paul Curran’s production of Britten’s final opera is unforgettable.

★★★★★ The Stage

The "Sendler Stole"

The "Sendler Stole"designed for the 650th anniversary of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers.

I did lots of drawings of plumbers tools which we put into ribbon stripes down the whole length of the Stole.


Sendler Stole designed for Worshipful Company of Plumbers